Our carpet roll out mats are the Best Cheerleading & Gymnastics Mats. We have supplied countless gymnastics clubs and cheerleading groups across the country with each one of these clubs hugely impressed by the product.

Since first launching our Roll Out Mats just over 2 years ago they have quickly become one of our most popular products, and it isn’t hard to see why!

These Carpet Roll Out Mats have long been popular in gymnastic & cheerleading clubs for their ease of use, durability and light weight design. Their heavy duty carpet top surface along with a lightweight shock absorbing foam making them the perfect mat for gymnastics.

Most of these clubs have to share facilities with other clubs and activities. The roll out system is therefore the perfect solution. You will be able to get your carpet matted area setup in a minute and a single runway in seconds. The amount of time saved for setting up and putting away in unmeasurable over the course of a year and is a huge benefit.

One of the main qualities of the mat, on top of the obvious rolling system, is the quality of the foam. They are manufactured using a high-density crosslinked XPE foam. In other words it has tiny air bubble pockets making it a softer mat and with a lower density.

The surface is made from a soft, but hard wearing carpet surface. Made from custom heavy-duty fibre bonded flame retardant carpet (800g/m2 – 5mm thick).

The Carpet Roll out Mats are available in 2 different sizes which we think cater for the demand. They are available in either:

  • 6.4m x 1.82m x 35mm
  • 12.8m x 1.82m x 35mm

So, whether you’re part of a gymnastics club, a cheerleading club or simply want something to practice safely at home, look no further t=for the perfect mat!

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