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Gymnastics Pit Foam

We are a UK leading manufacturer of Gym Pit Foam.
Need cubes or logs? Fill in our free, simple, online Foam Pit calculator and we’ll do the rest.

Gymnastics Pit Foam Blocks

Foam4Sports are a UK leading manufacturer of Gym Pit Foam with years of experience and expertise. Over the years we have carried out extensive works across the UK for trampoline parks, extreme sports and gymnastics centres and many more places.

Are you looking to top up or completely fill your foam pit? See info below on the different foam grades and use our gym pit calculator to automatically calculate how many foam logs or cubes you need.

Simply put your pit dimensions into the calculator and it will show the exact number of cubes or logs required to fill your pit as well as the overall cost.

To get a transport cost, simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the calculator or email us at with your requirements.

As well as supplying 100,000’s of foam cubes and logs to Gymnastics Clubs, Trampoline Parks, Skate Parks and many other venues. We also can offer a full install service for your gym pit edging.

Calculate Your Pit Foam Requirements

Enter Pit Dimensions (in Metres)

All cubes and logs are manufactured at our factory in Greater Manchester. We never cut any corners and give the utmost attention to detail to ensure a great end product.

  • Sky Blue Olympic 33 kg/m3 density – Highest density foam logs/cubes for extra life expectancy. Ideal for BMX and gymnastic pits with heavy use.
  • White Superior 30 kg/m3 Density –  Superior foam grade with excellent physical properties. High-Density foam with good physical properties for high life expectancy. Ideal for BMX and gymnastic pits.
  • Grey Superior 28 kg/m3 Density – Most suitable for Gymnastic Pits.  Higher density than the grey standard which gives it better physical properties.
  • Grey Budget 25 kg/m3 Density –Standard grade foam is best used in conjunction with socks to ensure the longevity of the foam cubes/logs.
  • Coloured foam 24 kg/m3 Density – We now also supply coloured gym pit cubes or logs in Deep Blue, Red, Yellow or Green! High Tensile, ideal for trampoline parks.

Gym Pit Foam Price Table

Foam Type

Sky Blue Olympic 33kg/m3 Density

White Superior 30kg/m3 Density

Grey Standard 25kg/m3 Density

Coloured 24kg/m3 Density

Grey Superior 28kg/m3 Density

Cube (20x20x20cm) Price






Cube (15x15x15cm) Price






Log (50x10x10cm) Price






Log (60x12x10cm) Price






Nominal Density (kg/m3)











135 – 165














BS 5852: Part 2: 1982, Ignition source 5 (Crib5)

BS 5852: Part 2: 1982, Ignition source 5 (Crib5)

BS 5852: Part 2: 1982, Ignition source 5 (Crib5)

Meets FMVSS302 Burn Performance Rate

BS 3379: 2005

Gym Pit Foam Cubes

Gym Pit foam cubes are one of our most popular products with gym owners and businesses alike. The quality of our foam cubes means they can be used to create a soft, spongy landing for all sorts of applications, from children’s play centres to gymnastics clubs.

The main uses for foam cubes are for trampoline parks, gymnastics foam pits, motorcycle foam pits, BMX foam pits and skateboard pits.

Gym Pit Foam Logs

Gym Pit foam logs are becoming an increasingly top selling product. It really is no surprise when taking into account the quality of the product and how you can use it.

A few examples of what you could use gym pit foam logs for are Trampoline parks,& gymnastics foam pit, motorcycle foam pit, BMX foam pit and skateboard pit.

Gym Pit Edging

Gym Pit Edging is a vital piece of safety equipment. This will help prevent injuries from miscued jumps and slips. No hard edge should be left uncovered for Health and Safety reasons. We can provide edging in a wide range of colours to be in line with your branding and up to 50mm thick foam.

Gym Pit Base Foam

Gym Pit Base Foam will add to the longevity of your foam pit cubes or logs. The 300mm foam for extra protection gives added protection to your logs and cubes ensuring they last longer so you don’t have to replace them as quickly. 300mm foam for extra protection

Gym Pit Socks

The high-quality gym pit sock is great for storage and for transportation of foam cubes and logs, with flame-resistant covers that are 100% recyclable. Available in a wide range of colours, with high strength polyester strings used for securing the foam blocks into the covers.