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Gymnastics Mats

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  • Promat Super Deluxe Gym Mat

  • Promat Super Deluxe Gym Mat – Anti Microbial PVC

  • Promat Super Lightweight Gym Mat

  • Promat Agility Gym Mat

  • Promat Agility Mat – Anti Microbial PVC

  • Promat Super Lightweight Link Gym Mat

  • Promat Super Lightweight Mat – Anti Microbial PVC

  • Promat Midweight Blend Gym Mat

  • Promat Midweight Blend Mat – Anti Microbial PVC

  • Promat All Purpose Gym Mat

  • Promat Crash Mats

  • Promat Heavy Duty Lightweight Mat

  • Promat Heavy Duty Super Deluxe Mat

  • Foldable Gymnastics Mat

    Promat 4 Way Folding Mat

  • Promat Jersey Crash Mats

  • Gymnastics Sprung Floor

    Call for Price
  • Foam Wedges for Sprung Floor

    Call for Price
  • Fast Foam for Sprung Floor

    Call for Price
  • Promat Soft Landing Mats (Splat Mat)

  • Soft Landing Mats (Splat Mat) – Jersey Top

  • Trampoline Landing Mat System – Carpet Top

    Call for Price
  • Trampoline Landing Mats

  • Trampoline Surround Side Mats

    £92.58 (inc. VAT £111.10)
  • Trampoline Surround End Mats

    £520.65 (inc. VAT £624.78)

Gymnastics Mats – Promat™ by Foams4Sports

Foams4Sports sell a wide range of professional gymnastics mats in the UK that provide a soft, cushioned surface for practicing techniques and landing.

We pride ourselves in delivering high quality gymnastics mats at affordable prices. Our Promat™ gym mats are manufactured in our factory in Greater Manchester to the highest quality, using only the best, durable materials. Buying direct from us, the manufacturer, means you can get the gymnastics mats you need to fit out your club at a great price.

With our wide range of gym mats products, there’s something to suit every requirement. Choose from our lightweight mats, perfect for young children, or the multi-purpose gym mats. Whichever type of gymnastic mats you need, we’ll have the mat for you!

Whether you are looking for gymnastics mats for schools, after-school club, leisure centre, gymnastics club or even for a medical facility, we can help you select the right mat to suit your needs. Our gymnastics mats are also suitable for home use.

All of our gymnastics mats come in a range of sizes and colours to suit your needs. Don’t see the size you want? Just give us a call. As the manufacturer of Promat™ gym  mats, we can sometimes take on bespoke requests.

High Quality Gym Mats

If you’re looking for high quality, durable gymnastics mats to use in your training space, then Foams4Sports have the range for you. Our Promat gym mat range includes traditional gymnastics mats as well as foldable gym mats which are ideal for temporary class use. They can be stacked when stored or placed on a mat trolley which allows the mats to be easily wheeled to another location.

As a gymnastics mats manufacturer, you can also get the best deal by buying directly from ourselves rather than a retailer.

Gymnastics Tumbling Mats

Our Promat™ gym mats are perfect for use as tumbling mats for parkour/free-running, gymnastics, cheerleading or other acrobatic dance or sports. Using a durable PVC fabric and an anti-slip base, our gymnastics tumbling mats can be used by children and adults to practice rolling, tumbling, handstands and other light acrobatic work.

When practicing higher impact techniques requiring an enhanced cushioned landing, check out our gymnastic crash mats and splat mats.

Order Professional Gymnastics Mats in UK Today

Whether you need gymnastics mats for your school, club or home use, order today direct from Foams 4 Sports. As a gymnastics mats supplier and manufacturer, you can buy straight from the source for the best price.

With a variety of sizes and thicknesses available, we can provide the right type of mat for your needs. Whether you need a thin mat or thick gymnastics mats for training on, take a look at our range to find the right style for you.

We also have a high-quality gymnastics crash mats for safe landing and tumbling. All the mats in our range are designed for optimal safety and durability.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Call our experts on 0161 3396100 today to see if we can help with your gymnastics mat requirements.