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Gymnastics Apparatus for Athletes at All Levels! 

At Foams4Sports, we offer a wide array of gymnastic apparatus to help gymnasts at all levels hone their skills. We regularly supply to gymnastics clubs, the organisers of gymnastics competitions, fitness centres – and individual customers. 

Whether you require a specific piece of equipment, or need to kit out an entire gymnastics club or fitness facility, you should find exactly what you need in our dedicated online shop! 

An Extensive Range of Gymnastics Apparatus

Each gymnastics apparatus in our range has been designed and built with the needs and demands of today’s athletes in mind. Our comprehensive range includes tumble tracks, trampolines, parallel bars, still rings, balance beams, uneven bars, tumbling boards, taishan rings – and much more besides!

These apparatus are identical to those seen at elite-level gymnastics competitions all around the world. Each piece of apparatus allows athletes to test and improve their agility and strength. 

No matter what their skill level, athletes need good quality apparatus to properly hone their skills. Whether you need equipment for rhythmic gymnastics or artistic gymnastics, Foams4Sports has the right gymnastics apparatus for you. 

Prepare Your Athletes for Every Event

Modern gymnastics competitions include events utilising a wide array of gymnastics apparatus. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your training area is fully equipped, so that users can practice for every event in which they intend to compete!

Make sure they are ready to achieve their personal best. Stock up today with Foams4Sports. All our products are of the highest quality, competitively priced and available with fast UK-wide shipping! 

Further to our range of gymnastics apparatus, we also have gymnastics mats, climbing equipment and martial arts mats.

For more information on the products we have available, please contact us on 0161 339 6100. If you prefer, you can reach us by emailing

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