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Air Matting

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  • AirTrack P3

  • AirTrack P2

  • Airtrack AirTrick

  • AirTrack TakeOff Set

  • AirTrack AirFloors

  • AirTrack AirBox

  • AirTrack AirIncline Set

    £3,885.00 (inc. VAT £4,662.00)
  • AirTrack Track Connector

  • AirTack AirBeam

  • Airtrack AirBlock

  • AirTrack AirBoard

  • AirTrack AirFloor Home

  • AirTrack Training Set

  • AirTrack AirRolls

  • AirTrack Airspots

  • AirTrack AirSteps

  • AirTrack ATF AirJump Set

    £3,200.00 (inc. VAT £3,840.00)
  • AirTrack Foot pump

    £30.00 (inc. VAT £36.00)
  • AirTrack Hikoki blower

    £130.00 (inc. VAT £156.00)
  • AirTrack Manomater

    £110.00 (inc. VAT £132.00)
  • AirTrack OV10 Blower

    £110.00 (inc. VAT £132.00)
  • AirTrack Start Ramp


Introducing the AirTrack Air Matting Range for Gymnastics, Athletics & More

AirTrack products can be used to create a gymnastics training space virtually anywhere. These cleverly-designed air matting products can easily be inflated and set up. Whether you require equipment for gymnastics, parkour, martial arts or free running, you will find exactly what you need in our proven range of air matting products. 

The beauty of AirTrack products is that they allow you to bring the full training experience into your home – or anywhere with a little floor space. When the training is finished for the day, these inflatable apparatus can easily be deflated and stored away. 

So, whether you decide to train at home, at a friend’s place, or on holiday, you’ll be able to hone your skills and strength between gym visits with a minimum of hassle. Stock up with AirTrack equipment today and train for success your way!

Professional Air Matting Products – Developed for Gymnasts, by Gymnasts!

Gymnasts at all levels often have to contend with a demanding training schedule. But, what about when it isn’t possible or feasible to attend the gym or a gymnastics club? 

AirTrack products were designed and developed in collaboration with leading gymnasts and their trainers. These proven apparatus have constantly been refined and developed to provide optimal utility and portability. They can even be used in your local gym, should they not have the specific gymnastics equipment you require. 

What’s more, these innovative air matting products can easily be carried, due to their lightweight construction, deflated and stored away. So, gym studio floorspace can be used for other classes when the gymnastics equipment is not in use.

AirTrack – Lightweight Training Apparatus for a Wide Range of Applications

Thanks to the sheer versatility of the AirTrack range of air matting products, they can be used for a wide array of sporting and training applications. These include:

  • Cheerleading 
  • Parkour/Free Running
  • Fitness Training
  • PE for Schools
  • Martial Arts 

… and more!

For more information on our air matting products, or any other products on our website, please call our team on 0161 339 6100. Or, send an email to