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MMA Matting

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Premium Quality MMA Mats For Sale in the UK

Foams4Sports are the manufacturer and supplier of high quality MMA mats in the UK for mixed martial arts practice at your dojo, training hall or even your own home.

We produce gym mats at our factory in Greater Manchester, with each type of mat adhering to a variety of safety criteria to ensure your mats are fit for purpose.

What type of MMA mats will I need?

We stock a range of 20mm, 30mm and 40mm MMA mats to suit you and your martial arts needs.

20mm and 30mm MMA mats are suitable for low impact training, such as Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwondo or kickboxing, where the activity is performed stood up.  Our thicker 40mm MMA mats are perfect for high impact training involving takedowns, slams and throws, which makes them ideal for Judo, Sambo, BJJ and Ju-Jitsu. No matter what martial arts mats you require, we have the right style for your gym.

If you need mats that take up less space and are easy to stack, our jigsaw mats are ideal. The interlocking jigsaw mats can be connected together to create as big or as small a training space as required.

Alternatively, roll out mats are available and are a popular choice for those who like to train in their own home, such as out of their garage, or at a temporary training facility.

It’s important to clean your MMA mats and to keep them in good condition for yourself and your students to train on. If your MMA matting develops rips or tears, which can often happen after years of usage or if heavy equipment has been placed upon the mats, then it’s advisable to replace the damaged mats to ensure no-one is injured whilst training on them.

In addition to MMA mats, we can supply a vinyl mat cover to cover the matted area which can help to prevent rips and tears to the mats underneath. It can also make your training space easier to clean.

Why choose Foams4Sports’ MMA mats?

At Foams4Sports, we pride ourselves in only delivering high-quality products, and that especially applies to our range of durable MMA matting.

Our MMA mats are very competitively priced, and because we actually manufacturer our own mats, they’re often cheaper than other mat stockists.

Buy direct from us today or enquire about our dojo mat fitting service to ensure you have the right amount of MMA mats for your gym, fitted by our experienced team of professionals.