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Cheerleading Mats

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  • Promat Crash Mats

  • Hook Roll for Carpet Roll Out Mat

  • Promat Soft Landing Mats (Splat Mat)

  • Promat 4 Section Vaulting Box

    £742.67 (inc. VAT £891.20)
  • Promat 3 Section Vaulting Box

  • Promat 4 Section Vaulting Box with Triple Top

    £959.28 (inc. VAT £1,151.14)
  • Promat Top Tumbler

  • Promat Roller Blocks

  • Promat Foldable Inclined Wedge

  • Promat Inclined Wedge

  • Promat Spotting Block

  • Promat Octagonal Block

  • Promat Mailbox Trainer

  • Promat Foam Springboard

  • Promat Foam Parallel Bars

  • Promat Springboard Surround

  • Promat Carpet Roll Out Mats

    Promat Carpet Roll Out Mats

  • Promat Foam Balance Beam

  • Promat Segmented Foam Balance Beam (6 segments)

  • Promat Folding Foam Balance Beam

  • Promat Folding Safety Mat

  • Promat Soft-Landing Pit

  • Promat Connecting Safety Mat

  • Foam Blocks for a Sprung floor

    £595.41 (inc. VAT £714.49)

Cheerleading Tumbling Mats

At Foams4Sports, we have come up with the perfect product for cheerleading mats: the Carpet Roll Out Mat.

The ease of use, durability and light weight design are quickly making carpet roll out mats one of our most popular products for use as cheerleading tumbling mats.

The new roll-out system allows gymnastic floor areas to be set up or taken down in minutes, making them perfect for use for cheerleading practice.

Our cheerleading tumbling mats are perfect for multi-purpose facilities where mats have to be moved in and out frequently such as school or Leisure Centres.

We also have a range of crash mats that are great to have when training for routines that could involve falling from a height.

All of our cheerleading mats are manufactured at our factory in Greater Manchester. We only use high end materials to ensure a quality, long-lasting product.