Gymnastic Equipment

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  • Foam Blocks for a Sprung floor

    £475.00 (inc. VAT £570.00)
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  • Balance Bench

    Niels Larsen ActivBench Balance Bench

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  • Traditional balance benches

    Niels Larsen Traditional Balance Benches

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  • Lightweight Balance Bench

    Niels Larsen Lita Bench

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  • junior springboard

    Niels Larsen Junior Springboard

    £85.00 (inc. VAT £102.00)
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  • gymnastics springboard

    Niels Larsen Springboard

    £219.00 (inc. VAT £262.80)
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  • Senior springboard

    Niels Larsen Senior Springboard

    £289.00 (inc. VAT £346.80)
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  • Agility Tables

    Niels Larsen Agility Tables

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  • Gymnastics Agility Set

    Niels Larsen Agility Set – 5 Piece

    £525.00 (inc. VAT £630.00)
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  • Agility Set

    Niels Larsen Agility Set – 10 Piece

    £850.00 (inc. VAT £1,020.00)
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  • Gymnastics Trestles

    Niels Larsen Gym Time Trestles

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  • ActivSoft Beam

    ActivSoft Beam

    £110.00 (inc. VAT £132.00)
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  • segmented balance beam

    ActivSoft Segmented Balance Beam

    £205.00 (inc. VAT £246.00)
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  • Gymnastics Balance Bar

    Niels Larsen Floor Balance Bar

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  • Vaulting Buck

    Niels Larsen Vaulting Buck

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  • gymnastics bar box

    Niels Larsen Bar Box

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  • Vault Box

    ActivVault Vaulting Box

    £415.00 (inc. VAT £498.00)
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  • Promat Foam Balance Beam

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  • Promat Foldable Inclined Wedge

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  • Promat Folding Foam Balance Beam

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  • Promat Inclined Wedge

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  • Promat Mailbox Trainer

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  • Promat Octagonal Block

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  • Promat Roller Blocks

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  • Promat Top Tumbler and Base

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  • Promat 3 and 4 Section Vaulting Box

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  • Promat 4 Section Vaulting Box with Triple Top

    £775.00 (inc. VAT £930.00)
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  • Promat Foam Parallel Bars

    £975.00 (inc. VAT £1,170.00)
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  • Promat Foam Springboard

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  • Promat Springboard Surround

    £181.25 (inc. VAT £217.50)
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  • Vaulting box

    Niels Larsen Vaulting Box

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  • Indoor Climbing Frame

    Niels Larsen Gym Centre Indoor Climbing Frame

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  • Key Stage 1 Gym Time Pack

    Niels Larsen Key Stage 1 Gym Time Pack

    £1,200.00 (inc. VAT £1,440.00)
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  • Niels Larsen Complete Gym Time Pack

    £1,895.00 (inc. VAT £2,274.00)
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  • Spotting Blocks

    Promat Spotting Blocks

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  • Foam Steps

    Foam Steps

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Gymnastic Equipment

Foams 4 Sports offer a great selection of Gymnastic Equipment, perfectly suited for children.

Our range of products is suited for PE classes in schools, gymnastics clubs and also home use.

We have a range of benches, great for balance training. We also have a range of springboards and vaulting bucks for the more advanced gymnast.

Our complete Gym Time Setups are the ultimate product for schools. they offer endless possibilities of setting everything up boosting creativity at the same time as exercise.

If you have any questions relating to a product please chat with us online on our web chat, send us an email or phone us.