Martial Arts Mats

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  • 20mm Martial Arts Jigsaw Mats

    Promat Black Red 20mm Jigsaw Mats

    From: £11.00 (inc. VAT £15.00)
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  • 20mm Jigsaw Mat

    Promat Blue/Red 20mm Jigsaw Mat

    From: £11.00 (inc. VAT £15.00)
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  • 30mm Jigsaw Mats

    Promat 30mm Jigsaw Mats in Red / Black

    From: £15.00 (inc. VAT £20.40)
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  • Web-2S9A3418

    Promat Jigsaw Mats – Grey / Black – 40mm Standard Finish

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
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  • Martial Arts Jigsaw Mats

    Promat Blue/Red 40mm Jigsaw Mats

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
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  • 40mm Jigsaw Mats

    Promat 40mm Jigsaw Mats in Blue/Yellow – Tatami Finish

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
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  • Tatami jigsaw mats

    Promat Red/Green 40mm Tatami Jigsaw mats

    From: £19.00 (inc. VAT £25.20)
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  • roll out mats

    Promat PVC Tatami Roll Out Mats

    £175.00£685.00 (inc. VAT £210.00)
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  • DSC01228 web

    Permanent Self Adhesive Tatami Tape

    £58.50 (inc. VAT £70.20)
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  • Sale! IMG_0412.jpg web

    Promat Roll Out Mat Connect

    £201.00£785.00 £181.00£785.00 (inc. VAT £217.20)
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  • Club MMA Mat web

    Promat Club Combat Mat

    £57.00£98.00 (inc. VAT £68.40)
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  • Contest MMA Mat

    Promat Contest Combat Mat

    £61.74£102.90 (inc. VAT £74.09)
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  • Club judo mat yellow web

    Promat Club Standard Judo Mat

    £55.44£92.40 (inc. VAT £66.53)
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  • Competition Judo Mats

    Promat Competition Judo Mat

    £57.33£97.65 (inc. VAT £68.80)
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  • multipurpose gym mats

    Promat Multipurpose Gym Mat

    £45.36£87.00 (inc. VAT £54.43)
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  • Crash Mats

    Promat Crash Mats

    £125.00£525.00 (inc. VAT £150.00)
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  • Promat Wall Pads

    Promat Wall Pads

    £78.75£136.50 (inc. VAT £94.50)
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  • DOJO

    Fitted DOJO Mats

    £72.00£98.00 (inc. VAT £86.40)
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Choose from our wide range of Martial Arts Mats. We have mats fit for all rooms and budgets.

So whether you are looking for some mats to use at home or mats for a full DOJO installation we have what you need.

All mats are manufactured at our factory in Greater Manchester. We give every attention to detail to ensure a great quality product and one that will be long lasting.

Finally, if you have any questions or would like some advice on what mat to choose feel free to contact our sales team. All contact details can be found on our contact page.

All mats are made to order, except jigsaw mats. Please allow an approximate 2 week lead time for manufacturing.