Pole & Aerial Sports

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  • Crash Mats

    Promat Crash Mats

    £125.00£525.00 (inc. VAT £150.00)
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  • Home Pole Dancing Mat

    Promat 1.2m dia Home Pole Dancing Mat

    £65.00£168.38 (inc. VAT £78.00)
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  • Studio Pole dancing mat

    Promat 1.4m dia Studio Pole Dancing Mat

    £92.87£216.76 (inc. VAT £111.44)
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  • Professional pole dancing mat

    Promat Professional 1.6m dia Pole Dancing Mat

    £130.20£260.00 (inc. VAT £156.24)
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  • Platinum Pole Dancing Mat

    Promat Platinum 1.75m dia Pole Mat for Platinum Stage

    £136.50£280.00 (inc. VAT £163.80)
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  • Premium Pole Dancing Mat

    Promat Premium 1.8m dia Pole Mat for RPoles’s

    £50.00£302.40 (inc. VAT £60.00)
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Foams4Sports have an excellent range of pole dancing mats available for you. Our different options cover anything from home use all the way up to professional quality.

We manufacture all Pole Dancing mats ourselves in our factory in Greater Manchester. You are guaranteed a very high quality product from which we pride ourselves.

So whether you are looking for a new mat for your studio or for at home we will have the perfect mat for you.

All our mats come in a range of sizes and colours.

Mats are made to order so please allow an approximate 2-3 week lead time for delivery.