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  • Horizontal Mat Trolley

    Horizontal Mat Trolley

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  • Vertical Mat Trolley

    Vertical Mat Trolley

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  • Inclined Vertical Mat Trolley

    Inclined Vertical Mat Trolley

    £304.22 (inc. VAT £365.06)
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  • Jigsaw Mat Trolley

    Jigsaw Mat Trolley

    £196.10 (inc. VAT £235.32)
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  • Super Heavy Duty Mat Trolley

    £698.54 (inc. VAT £838.25)
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Mat Trolleys

If you have a temporary training space and need to store mats, mat trolleys are the ideal solution. Not only can you stack the mats on top of their flat surface, but you can also transport them easily to your chosen location. This is ideal for sports halls and centres where mats need to be locked in a storeroom when not in use. With our handy mat trolleys, you can pull/push your stack of mats to your chosen location to unload them and easily wheel them back to their storage facility when not in use.