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Sprung Floor

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Sprung Floor

Foams4sports is now able to offer a full gymnastics sprung floor. Although the standard size is 12.8m x 12.8m, our sprung floors can be custom made to fit any size.

We use the highest quality materials and unlike other UK suppliers, all of our sprung floors come with a double layer of quality plywood. The is allows for a smoother surface and using two thinner layers rather than one thick layer allows for more elasticity in the floor.

Foam blocks are still a popular choice for many clubs, but the use of power springs have become the preferred choice in recent years, which is why we offer both.

We offer a wide range of carpet roll colours, which sit on top of the plywood and are connected by Velcro.

Our sprung floors also come with the option of fast foam, which as an additional layer of 25mm thick foam that sits under the roll mats to give extra protection and more bounce.

Once complete our gymnastic sprung floors are finished off wither either a PVC skirt our foam wedges which connect by Velcro.

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