Promat 4 Section Vaulting Box with Triple Top

£775.00 (inc. VAT £930.00)

  • This 4 section Foam vaulting Box, with a removable section, is designed for beginners and smaller gymnasts
  • The brightly coloured sections can be used individually or attached together using hook and look flaps
  • Used for various gymnastic moves including vaulting and squats
  • Helps build up confidence in jumping over obstacles
  • Made from high-density PU Foam
  • Constructed using a heavy duty PU foam, making it safer than using a traditional wooden Vault box
  • Heavy Duty flame retardant PVC Cover
  • Comes with carrying handles for easier transportation

Product Description

The Promat™ 4 section vaulting box with a triple section top, is made from 6 segments which can be used individually or together. This can be done simply by placing each section on top of each other and connecting them with the hook and look connecting flaps.

It is constructed from a high density, shock absorbing PU foam that is wrapped in a heavy duty, flame retardant PVC cover for durability.

Each section comes with carrying handles for easier transportation and the foam construction makes it a lot safer to use than a traditional wooden vaulting box.


This particular vaulting box is ideal for beginners and smaller gymnasts as it helps build up confidence jumping over obstacles. It can be used in a variety of ways such as a vault box, spotting a block or parallel bars when used in conjunction with another set.



  • Section 1 – 120cm long x 90cm (base), 77.5cm (top) x 30cm high
  • Section 2 – 120cm long x 77.5cm (base), 65cm (top) x 30cm high
  • Section 3 – 120cm long x 65cm (base), 52.5cm (top) x 30cm high
  • Section 4 – 120cm long x 52.5cm (base), 40cm (top) x 30cm high
  • Total Size – 120cm long x 90cm (base), 40cm (top) x 120cm high