Foam Plyometric Boxes


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The advantage of Foam Plyometric boxes over more traditional one is less chance of injury. Foam boxes are firm enough to stay in place but will not hurt your shin if you miss your jump.

Jump vertically from floor to box and incorporate different techniques to diversify your work out.

With Plyometric boxes you can develop explosive power, and increase agility and maneuverability.

They are excellent for training in MMA, Boxing, Rugby and any sport that requires explosive strength.

Supplied as a set of 4 boxes of varying depth to take you from beginner to advanced and beyond.

An excellent addition to any cross training fitness regime.  Ideal for gyms and personal trainers.

BASE – 92cm width, 76cm depth, 60cm height.

LEVEL 2 – 92cm width, 76cm depth, 45cm height.

LEVEL 3 – 92cm width, 76cm depth, 30cm height.

LEVEL 4 – 92cm width, 76cm depth,15cm height.

TOP – 92cm width, 76cm depth,7.5cmheight.

Total when Stacked: – 92cm width, 76cm depth, 157.5cm height .


Available in various colours. See colour swatch image for more details.