Promat Roller Blocks


  • Great at developing handsprings, backflips and dive rolls
  • Useful for gymnasts who are beginners
  • Hook and loop connectors to attach segments
  • Made from high-density PU Foam
  • Heavy-duty flame-retardant PVC Cover
  • Comes with carrying handles for easier transportation
  • Colours: Small block Red with yellow, Large block Blue with yellow
  • Sizes: Small 90cm diameter x 70cm wide, large 70cm diameter x 70cm wide
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The Promat™ Roller Block is ideal for beginners as it helps teach handsprings, backflips and dive rolls while working alone and without the need to be spotted by a coach. Combined, the block creates an oval shape which can be split into 3 different segments. The inner hook and loop connectors make it easy to stack together and take apart, which adjusts along with the gymnast’s technique.

The carry handles positioned on each side of the roller block make I easier to move the roller block around.

Each wedge has a carry handle on each side for easier transportation and heavy-duty flame-resident PVC cover for extra stability.



As a gymnast, this product is perfect for helping you develop your handsprings, backflips and dive rolls. Having 3 segments that are easy to take apart allows learners to adjust the roller block to their needs for different gymnastic techniques.



  • Small 90cm diameter x 70cm wide
  • Large 70cm diameter x 70cm wide