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Home » Shop » Gymnastic Equipment » Promat Springboard Surround

Promat Springboard Surround


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  • Gives additional protection around the springboard
  • Useful for gymnasts who are beginners to build confidence
  • Designed to fit 60cm wide competition springboards
  • Made from high-density PU Foam
  • Heavy-Duty, flame-retardant PVC Cover
  • Comes with carrying handle for easier transportation
  • Colour: Blue Top & bottom, yellow sides
  • Size: 137cm long x 100cm wide x 22cm height to fit any Comp Spring Board 60cm wide

The Promat™ Springboard surround is to support and help build gymnasts confidence when performing gymnastic activities such as handspring vaults and round off movements from a springboard. The foam surrounds the springboard which creates a comfy fit around the end of the board, which helps reduce the risk of injury

This product will fit any full-sized 60cm wide competition springboard. The carry handles make it easier for transportation and the high-density PU foam core offers excellent shock-absorbing properties.

This particular vaulting box is ideal for beginners and smaller gymnasts as it helps build up confidence in jumping over obstacles. It can be used in a variety of ways such as a vault box, spotting a block or parallel bars when used in conjunction with another set.


The Springboard surround is a great addition to any gymnastic club, as great support for when using a springboard for gymnastic activities.


  • Size: 137cm long x 100cm wide x 22cm height to fit any Comp Spring Board 60cm wide