trampoline padding
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Trampoline Park Padding

  • Framework Padding
    • Made from a high density foam core
    • Covered in a heavy duty PVC cover
    • Various fixing methods to suit your needs
    • Wide Range of Bright Coloured Covers
  • Floor Mats
    • Available in a wide range of bright colours.
    • Constructed from a high density foam core
    • Covered in heavy duty PVC.
  • Wall Pads
  • Post Padding
  • Site Surveys
  • Bespoke Services and Products

Product Description

Trampoline Padding

Trampoline padding from Foams4Sports. We now offer a full range of products and services for Trampoline Parks, all of which are vital for health and safety.

Framework Padding

Our framework padding comes in many a form. We make all pads from a high density foam core which is covered in a heavy duty PVC cover. These PVC covers are available in a wide range of bright colours to perfectly match your branding.

Various fixing methods to suit your needs.

New safety guidelines are now available for trampoline parks. It is imperative safety requirements are met. Foams 4 Sports’ framework padding is built in accordance with the new Standard PAS (Publicly Available Specification) 5000:2017 as follows:

  • Framework pads to be made from an impact attenuation material that provides the necessary protection for falls and mis-cued jumps.
  • All surfaces of the trampoline framework exposed to or accessible by the user need to be padded with an impact attenuation material. Must also be attached securely to the trampoline framework or beds.
  • Frames and springs to all performance trampolines must be padded in accordance with Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (FIG) Apparatus Norms [NR1] as a minimum

Floor Mats

Our are available in a wide range of bright colours. They are constructed from a high density foam core and covered in heavy duty PVC.

Wall Pads

For any walls in the vicinity of the trampolines we also offer our wall pads to add safety and protection to users.

Post Pads

Equally important is to cover any posts that may be in the way of the trampolines or the edges of walls. We manufacture these to bespoke sizes and in a range of bright colours to match your trampoline park branding.

Replacement Foam

Our Trampoline Padding framework pads are built to last as long as possible with the highest quality of materials. There will however come a point where they need replacing due to heavy use.

Site Surveys

If you require one of our highly experienced team to come and complete a site survey this is of course no problem at all. We have carried out countless site surveys across the country.

Bespoke service

Needless to say, all Trampoline Padding products can be made to bespoke sizes and requirements. With each trampoline park having its own design we understand the need to make each pad to specific measurements. So whatever your requirements are we will fulfill your requests.

General Information

All our our Trampoline Padding products meet fire retardant BS 1892-3 specifications