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Mat Sealant Glue and Applicator

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Mat Sealant Glue and Applicator

£40.00 (inc. VAT £48.00)

  • Create permanent seamless floor designs.
  • Flexible adhesive, high strength, clear finish.
  • Comes with 1 can of 750ml VLP and clear applicator bottle.
  • A clear liquid that seals in 10-15 minutes.
  • Used in conjunction with our Long Lasting Tatami Tape, which you can purchase online here

The VLP glue is a clear, high strength, flexible adhesive, designed to seal tape edges and create a seamless floor design.

The glue is supplied in an easy to use an air-dry formula that dries clear and blends with all coloured vinyl, it actually dissolves the surface of the vinyl and creates an excellent bond when completely dry.

This product should be used in conjunction with our Long Lasting Tatami Tape which can be purchased online here

Please download the Health & Safety Data Sheet Below:

VLP Performix SDS-61209

Step by step guide when applying glue:

  1. You begin the process by opening the VLP glue and pouring it into the Applicator
  2. At the seam of the tape squeeze applicator to release a small drop on the top and the side
  3. Letting the applicator follow the seam of the tape whilst slowly moving down the edge
  4. Keeping a steady flow and a steady movement whilst applying
  5. A break or interval can be taken whilst applying but its key to keep a steady flow
  6. Once applied leave glue to set for around 10-15 minutes
  7. Once dried the clear glue should no longer be seen

Mat Sealant Instructional Video:



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