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Promat Crash Mats


  • Designed for landing, tumbling and general sport applications
  • Crash Mats for Gymnastics, Parkour, Free Running and Martial Arts
  • Comes in a wide range of colour options
  • Soft, but shock-absorbing PU foam
  • Flame retardant heavy-duty nylon reinforced PVC zipped cover
  • Comes with anti-slip panels on the base
  • Breather holes
  • Handles to make it very easy to move around and to transport
  • Manufactured in accordance with ISO 4001: 2015 & ISO 9001: 2015
Quantity discounts available

Promat Gymnastics Crash Mat

The Promat Crash Mat has proved to be one of our most popular products throughout the years. What you will be getting with this product is a gymnastics crash mat of the highest quality that will last for years. We manufacture all foam crash mats to order in our warehouse in Greater Manchester, UK with the greatest attention to detail.


We make our thick Crash Mats for gymnastics with a soft but shock absorbing PU foam. This particular foam crash pad will absorb all tumbles when you land on the mat, making them suitable to be used throughout gymnasiums and schools across the country as gymnastics landing mats. For the outside of the mat, we encase it in a flame retardant heavy-duty nylon reinforced PVC zipped cover. We have also added handles to make it very easy to move around and to transport. The breather holes expel the air upon landing and there is even toggles to attach several mats together to make a big area.

Sizes and Colours

We have a great variety of standard sizes you can see in the drop-down menu. The Promat Gymnastic Crash Mat comes in a wide variety of colours. We have found that the sizes we have online cover 99% of the demand. If you are in that special 1% however and need a particular size, we can do that for you. Just call the office or drop us an email and we can send a bespoke quote out to you. To access the contact details, please click here.


Our gym Crash Mats are specially designed for landing, tumbling and general sport applications including the increasingly popular Parkour and Free Running. Martial Arts disciplines require precise training techniques including safe landing and throwing to reduce the risk of injury. These mats are ideal for practicing such techniques. Crash Mats can be used when practicing Parkour or Free Running as they provide a softer landing which encourages fluidly without limitation of movement. They can also be used as stunt crash pads to provide a shock-absorbed surface for individuals to land on when doing minor stunts and fight performance that requires a landing to soften the blow.

We also manufacturer a range of gymnastics mats so you're able to ensure your training area is properly matted out with the correct thickness of foam, providing the safe surface required to train on by your students. In addition, foam cubes can be purchased for gyms that feature a foam landing pit.