Wall Padding

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Wall Padding For Gyms

Do you need wall mats for your training space? Want to ensure your students train in a safe environment?

At Foams 4 Sports, we supply wall padding for gyms and dojos, particularly for clubs who train in grappling arts, such as BJJ, Any sports facilities which need to prevent accidents, such as heads being banged against walls, can benefit from wall mats.

We manufacture all Wall Padding at our factory in Greater Manchester to a high standard.

We have fitted wall mats at gymnasiums, dojos, schools, leisure centres, prisons and many other places over the years.

Our standard Promat Wall Pads come with a number of options. These options include the thickness of the mat, colours and the fixing method. We have found this to suit the majority of needs. However, that is not always the case.

We have created Bespoke Wall Pads product to be able to satisfy every demand. With our bespoke service, you can choose your own length, foam, cover material, colours, branding. Anything is possible.