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Promat Foam Springboard

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Promat Foam Springboard


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  • Comes in Small and Large sizes
  • Safer than traditional Springboard
  • Can also be used as a mounting block
  • Useful for gymnasts who are beginners to build confidence
  • Made from high-density PU Foam
  • Heavy-Duty flame-retardant PVC Cover
  • Comes with carrying handles for easier transportation
  • Colour: Small Red Top & Bottom, Yellow sides, Large Blue Top & Bottom, Yellow Sides

The Promat™ Foam Springboard is available in 2 sizes with the smaller springboard for building confidence in younger gymnasts. The larger springboard is for the more intermediate gymnast who is above a novice level. This introductory product helps beginners perform gymnastic activities in a safer manner before progressing on to traditional wooden springboards.

With a heavy-duty PVC cover instead of a carpet finish used on regular springboards, it adds that extra element of safety. The foam Springboard works perfectly with our 3 and 4 section Vaulting box, as it doubles up as a mounting block.


The foam springboard is a great aid for beginners in developing their coordination and balance, also used for making entry to other apparatus such as Vault boxes.


  • Small Foam Spring Board 80cm x 50cm x 30cm high
  • Large Foam Spring Board 120cm x 60cm x 25cm high


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