We were approached by Northumbria Police who were looking for matting for their self defence training hall.

With a group of 24 people expected to be training each day, the mats needed to be suitable for practicing takedown drills, restraints and preventative measures which would involve the use of handcuffs, batons and water on the mat.

Officers would also be running and performing warmups as part of the fitness test and therefore the mats would need to be firm, yet cushioned enough to break the fall without injury.

With these requirements, we discussed the various options available, such as roll out mats and MMA mats. After weighing up the pros and cons, the Northumbria Police decided to go for jigsaw mats.

Chris Burrows, owner of Foams 4 Sport, commented, “We recommended the jigsaw mat option as it was the most cost effective solution for what the police wanted for their training area, with the mats being waterproof and firm.”

The mats that were chosen for the fitout were the 40mm red/blue standard finish jigsaw mats. The team at Foams 4 Sports worked in a short time period to get the mats installed in time for Christmas 2018.

Take a look at the finished result below.


police jigsaw matting
jigsaw matting for police training
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